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Monday, April 07, 2014

More North Carolina Tornadoes... Eastern NC.. & Mississippi..

Good picture being passed around online tonight... 
If you didn't know better you'd think it was Kansas or Oklahoma.. 
trying to find out who took the original picture.. hate when people don't give credit where it's due..

Come on play the game.. 
Kansas, Oklahoma or Iowa??

Pic of the tornado from Mario Barolo in the Ponzer-Pantego area.

North Carolina...

What hits me is this a part of the world that got slammed with bad flooding after Hurricane Irene.

That's not a house at the beach..........just so you know.

Here's a map:

Wider view... what we call "Down East" sort of like the Mainers do... 

That little orange-red dot is where the tornado hit.  Down East in the Pamlico River Basin and Pamlico Sound. Farm land... down near the river.. a place usually visited by Hurricanes more than Tornadoes, but it's been that sort of year so far this Spring.

Mississippi also had a twister today.

And the threat goes on... nice map posted daily on

SPC Products Overview

Wicked weather is revving up as Spring clashes with Father Winter who doesn't want to go..

Those clashes create big storms in places more used to hurricanes ... 

Stay informed on the weather.. this Spring has severe weather reaching out into odd places.

Besos Bobbi 
(like the NHC just not shown on TV as much...)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Earthquakes 8.2 Chile, Tsunamis, Mudslides, Tornadoes & Missing Airplanes... Busy Day on Planet Earth

The map above shows how 99 smaller earthquakes in the last month ...were in retrospect... fore shocks to the larger 8.2 Earthquake just off shore North coast of Chile. It's also worth noting the quake was deep below the surface and they are very used to strong quakes in that region. Whether they saw the 99 quakes as fore shocks or not I can't say just yet, but they should have seen it coming. What worries me a bit is that the numerous quakes in the LA area could and I do mean "COULD" be fore shocks for a larger quake down the road in the near future.

Mother Earth is shaking her way into Spring and she's moving into April like a Lion not a Lamb.

Sometimes a 5.1 Earthquake is as strong as it gets. Sometimes a 5.1 Earthquake is a prelude to a much stronger event. Only time will tell. People need to be aware that a stronger quake could hit the LA area or anywhere in the general region as you can see from the map above... we are in a very active period right now.

And, we are not even going to discuss El Nino that may or may not be forming off the coast of Peru, Columbia and Chile. Nope.. not today. Too much on the geological plate here today.

There were fears a Tsunami would form and so far as I write this Tuesday night the threat seems to be fading. Still this is what the map would look like......if a tsunami was reported. There was a 6.5 foot tsunami in South America.. not huge but if it slams onto your beach you notice it.

Evacuations have been going on for the region and there have been another strong 5 aftershocks in the last few hours which shake loose what the last quake may have weakened. It's a process.

Do not believe early reports of "no damage" and "no deaths" as it is just too soon to tell. Tomorrow morning will tell the story as we know how bad the situation truly is..or isn't.  Sites of damages have been streaming in.. a church, a store... some one's home. Only time will tell.. not early reports on the news wire before the real reports have even had a chance to surface. And, remember it is very easy to have an additional aftershock that is the same strength or just a bit weaker than the 8.2 earthquake tonight. Happens often.

The mudslide in Washington is truly heart breaking if you stop and read up on it. A man was getting texts from his sister who just happened to be driving down the only real road in the area and ... he never heard from her again. The randomness of it all is truly hard to comprehend. A grandmother's body was found near her grandchild. It seems we need to know how to respond faster to mudslides in areas far from large cities such as this... in the way that we respond to building collapses in big cities. We respond to earthquakes, to hurricanes and to twisters faster than we do an area where the mountainside simply gave way in a sea of mud that carried with it and drowned everyone in a muddy debris of temporary graves awaiting help to dig out the bodies.  You know.. we worry on hurricanes and volcanoes and it's the mudslides in life that will get you.  Don't mean to be so dark.. it's just true. I haven't written much on it, because... I don't want to. It's truly tragic. 28 people have died, 22 are still missing and the whole area looks a lot like school books pictures I saw from Mt. Etna...

I had a tornado warning the other night. One day I was in New Orleans grounded waiting for a bad squall line to pass through and the next night I was dealing with a tornado warning from the same system that blew through Nola. Mind you normally when I am traveling on Friday and I see a storm at the airport my first thought should be... I'm never going to make that connection. Instead my first thought was to drop my bags and start taking pictures. Instinct.  Weather Nation asked permission to use this picture on air.. told them to "go for it" and then it sunk in..

That's me just after they announced that they shut down the airport for lightning.. was shut down for a long time. I was an hour late getting out.

Luckily.....Orlando flights were also late and I caught my connection and got home.. 
.... just in time to enjoy the same line going through with a tornado warning.. 

There was two small twisters just south of Raleigh... happens.

To be honest..........I am going to write a long, intricate post on my trip to New Orleans where I gave the Keynote Speech for the Mariposa Cat Adjusters Conference. I had an amazing trip.. awesome. And, I got to meet a lot of the adjusters who work all the hurricanes I write about... and have tracked ...chased. 

Mariposa does a first rate, classy, professional job in all ways. I'm very honored to have been their Keynote Speaker. The conference was superbly put together. Incredibly, interesting speakers and presenters and it was all held on the Creole Queen. Afterwards we took a trip up the river or maybe down the river. Just so much to say. 

But tonight this is about the Earthquake in Chile. At least 2 people have died and am sure that number will climb higher. And, there is no way of knowing how strong the rest of the aftershocks will be...

When you live along the Ring of Fire.. you deal with earthquakes eventually. When you live along the Hurricane Coast of the US from Galveston to Maine... you get hurricanes eventually.

Will we eventually find the missing Malaysian Plane? I like to believe so.. but only time will tell.

It occurs to me tonight watching CNN's coverage that the "cone" so to speak for the search keeps getting moved .. no yanked around out in the South Indian Ocean faster than the NHC would EVER move a cone around the Atlantic Ocean.

The NHC prides itself on continuity, professionalism and caution when forecasting a tropical cyclone. 

This investigation on the missing plane has been just the opposite... poorly put together like 5 or 6 blind countries trying to find an elephant in an area larger than the USA.. and we have no real zero proof that it took the southern route. We have lots of hypothesis and no real hard facts. We have data from the pings... which is a word we have come to know much like the phrase "hanging chads" and I wonder what other data is not being shared or has not surfaced. 

It's April and yet this is not an April Fool's post.. it's real and its here. 

My dogwood tree is beginning to bloom and the Loblolly Pines are threatening to dump their  maize colored pollen on my deck and my dogwood.. It is supposed to be 82 degrees tomorrow as a high. 

Twisters and Severe Weather is here to stay and floods will be an ongoing problem this Spring. I heard someone say to me recently "no the forecast is not for bad floods just small ones" and I asked him what he meant. He said "not historic" and I smiled and told him that if the flood floods out your town and your home it is indeed historic. It's all a matter of perspective.

If you live in LA today you have to be thinking "oh Lord could that have been a fore shock" and if you live in Miami you are thinking "oh Lord we are almost to the hurricane season and we barely had a winter" and if you had are in Chile ... everything else is far, far away and not important as you try to put your life back together again.

Hello April... what else do you have in store for us I wonder?

As for me..........I ordered some summer clothes from Victoria's Secrets and I'm still recuperating from my whirlwind, wonderful trip to New Orleans. Beautiful city by the river in any weather it's incredible.

I had a long talk with a lady at the Historical Museum there who went through Hurricane Betsy as a young teen about to leave for college in Morgan City, Louisiana. Great interview and another side of Betsy that I never saw... the side that hit Louisiana.

I'll be back tomorrow with hard facts on the Earthquake and the weather, but probably not the missing plane  My youngest son just keeps texting  "never gonna find that airplane' ... well ... time will tell... 

Besos Bobbi

Ps... look at a partial list of fore shocks that occurred prior to the 8.2 Earthquake. Did they see it coming? Does anyone see something coming they do not want to open up their eyes to see? Hmnnn?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

East Coast Storm & Hurricane Trackers New Orleans Mariposa Cat Adjusters Conference

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

This big huge, fast moving storm has gotten all the hurricane people online excited... it's not a hurricane but if feels like a hurricane. And, isn't it all about how it "feels" when it comes to something like tracking weather?

Yes.. it is, trust me.

Sort of gets the blood rushing

Every weather person online was showing off their new.. beautiful... images for their websites that will be used later in the hurricane season. Like to put these pics below on my wall... Wall Wxr Art ;)

It's a tightly wound up storm.. fun to watch as it moves far off the coast fast...

As for me.. I'm watching the weather in the Gulf of Mexico as I will be traveling to New Orleans today to be the Keynote Speaker at the Mariposa Adjusters Conference.

I have to tell you... I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say..

So often I work with people BEFORE the story.. tracking the storm, putting advisories into my own words and looking for information many need to properly prepare to hunker down for a land falling hurricane.

These people are the first step in putting things back to "NORMAL" which really IS an illusion but we do so love our illusions don't we... the South Indian Ocean they are finding debris that may or may not be from the missing plane.

Time will tell.. it ALWAYS does..

Besos Bobbi
Ps...Winter...please just go away..........

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cyclone Gillian, Search for HM370 & Ameila Earhart's Missing Plane from 1937. New Orleans...

This very beautiful cyclone named Gillian is spinning out in the South Indian Ocean far from any inhabited area ... with the exception of Christmas Island. Unfortunately it isn't going to help the search for the "objects" that could be from the Missing Malaysian Flight HM370.

You know that saying... "when it rains it pours"  ... for all of you who always wondered where Christmas Island is... there it is..

Interesting to see how different things look in another part of the world than ours..

Christmas Island is one of the areas where conspiracy theorists kept asking if you could land a plane. The weather is going to to down hill there soon. Truth is we are all conspiracy theorists right now as we have no real knowledge of what may or may not have we are all guessing. By the time you read this in the morning.. maybe we will know more, but as of Saturday Night Geraldo Rivera and crew on FOX have not yet figured it out.  First of all you need a body, a weapon and a suspect in most murder mysteries. In a plane crash it helps to have debris and a ping, ping from the black box which seems to sound more like a heartbeat oddly. Go figure there. Who knew? Now we do. 

Up close and personal..

Beautiful storm.. sad we are watching it because of the ongoing search and mystery of the plane that has caused the biggest search it seems since Ameila Earharts plane went down in 1937. Kind of odd to me. HM370 suffers the same fate as Earhart's plane in 1937. Maybe some numerology thing there... it's not my thing so you'd have to ask someone else...

A good site to use always is they do a nice job of covering the whole wide world.

Note our side of the world is fairly quiet with regard to the tropics...

Despite the pear trees being in bloom... winter is still refusing to leave ...

Forecast for this coming Tuesday.. don't shoot the messenger please.....

I don't want to hear anything about winter weather causing travel problems..

I'm due to leave Raleigh on Wednesday for New Orleans so speak at

Mariposa Cat Adjusters Conference 
and looking forward to hearing what other speakers have to say
about what happens AFTER the storm hits.. 

I am so looking forward to this trip.. 
... please no winter weather problems anywhere.. 

I can handle tropical weather, but I am super done with cold, wet, winter weather..

Besos Bobbi
Ps please let me click my heels 3 times and wake up in New Orleans... and when I get back to NC.. please let the dogwood tree be in bloom...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Search for HM370 at the Bottom of the World..South Indian Ocean.. "Bobbing Object 78 Feet Long"

Going to use a weather satellite to illustrate the region where the suspicious objects are that may or may not be part of the missing plane. This satellite which helps with forecasting tropical development during the Hurricane Season is just as useful predicting what the weather will be like in the search zone later this week.

The search zone which includes planes, boats and probably submarines is at the bottom of the world.. or at least the South Indian Ocean. And, if this is the debris that floated to the surface we have no idea right now where it floated from...

Around 11 PM last night it was announced that they had BREAKING NEWS from Down Under that pieces of the plane may have been located. They say "may" as all they have right now is satellite imagery of a large object around 24 meters which translates to 86 feet long ...give or take a few inches. It was said to be "bobbing up and down" in the water...coming up to the surface, disappearing again. That in itself brings up a lot of questions ...

a) wouldn't it have sunk if it landed there over 2 weeks ago?
b) isn't it too big?
c) isn't there a lot of "ocean junk" in that part of the area infamous for junk and debris..
d) how did it get there (hate that one.. obviously it flew there....)
e) why there?  If it is the plane we will find out in time...

And, the questions go on and on and on... and truthfully we have no answers.

Can you tell from the pictures below? Drudge is of course skeptical and probably worries this is some sort of ruse where we move our satellites to get a better picture while the real plane is elsewhere being fitted for a terrorist attack. I'm guessing. A lot of people have raised that question and wondered "hmnnnn" and can't argue their logic.  What do you think?

Another very good theory was put online last night regarding a possible emergency on the plane and the pilots being overcome with the passengers as it continued on automatic pilot crashed into the sea.
Based on the possible fuel left on the plane it is worth noting it should have gone further than this possible crash site. Something to think on...
A very well written article and a very logical possibility for what may have happened.. if this is the crash site.

Next we think on the ocean currents that could have moved the bobbing objects to that spot and see if it is logical that this would be objects from the plane. The image below is the ocean currents specifically for March and there are variations from month to month in that region of the world.

Understand there is something known as an Ocean Gyre there (think Sargasso Sea in our part of the world)
Also known as a "trash vortex"

(sad we pollute this beautiful planet so badly... sad but true)

These gyres are's in the bottom left of the picture below..

The weather there is not very good. A cold front just past through and there are high winds and bad surf.
It's a very remote area of the world to have to do a search of this type..
Good Water Vapor Loop.
Amazes me how online weather experts last night were saying how weather shouldn't be a problem??
Wrong.. well it was very late in the middle of the night...

From the link above ....was the pilot looking for a safe landing site and he simply ran out of time? Only time will tell... 

"Actually he was taking a direct route to Palau Langkawi a 13,000 foot strip with an approach over water at night with no obstacles. He did not turn back to Kuala Lampur because he knew he had 8,000 foot ridges to cross. He knew the terrain was friendlier towards Langkawi and also a shorter distance."

I'll be back with more information as it develops and more on Spring...when Spring shows it's sunny face later in the day. For now it's 44 degrees... and I don't consider 44 degrees at 9AM very spring like :(

Besos Bobbi
Ps... Keep in mind prayers for the loved ones of the passengers lost on HM370... they need our prayers if it is or isn't the crash site...either way they need our prayers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pilots of Malayasian Missing Plane in Youtube Videos.. And Why is it Called A Cockpit??

Who are you and what do you think on?

The way you view the missing Malaysian plane tells a lot about who you are and how you think...

If you are a Negative Nancy...... you most likely think it's at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

If you are a very Negative think it was pilot suicide....

If you think on the bottom line money wise you most likely think...
... it's been sold for way over $300,000 to someone who wanted a Boeing 777 badly.
... the people were sold off to human traffickers.. easier than getting rid of lots of corpses.

If you believe in miracles... the plane crashed somewhere on a small island, hidden by a dense, green jungle canopy and they are waiting Gilligan Island style for rescue... a bit of Lost and Survivor mixed in there..

If you tend towards believe the plane is going to be used by terrorists.

If you are a political think this has to do with the political situation in Malaysia or China..

If you are a person who has watched one too many soft core porn movies you think....
The co-pilot let some girls into the cockpit... ... ... and they were really terrorists ... Girls in the Cockpit Gone Wild I suppose......

The young co-pilot was filmed in an interview with a CNN journalist not so long ago.  Who knew that was not his 15 minutes of fame?

Victim or behind the hijacking? You be the judge...

If you are a writer you think...... millions of plot lines pinging around your head like a pin ball.
.... Terrorists found the fix it up guy pilot on Youtube and when they learned his marriage and life was a mess they offered him a fortune to fly the plane somewhere... in the middle of the night..on the night when they changed the clocks to a secret location in the NW area of China that is disputed and connected to places where Al-Qaeda has free roam.........more to come on this one...

See  the Youtube video of the pilot below. Listen to his voice on Youtube. I am not making this up. You be the judge...

Does he sound like someone who might steal a Boeing 777 or be a victim of hijackers?

One thing I will say is he was or is someone who believed he knew more than the Average Joe and liked to share things online. Link to his Youtube site that is still active. Who knew I would learn so much from the pilot of the missing plane? He has some really good advice that might help me with my new computer. Smart man..

You can't make this stuff up. He knows how to make a candle on the water and how to cut glass and well check it out yourself and why was his site name "catalinapby1'???  I mean I wonder on things like that..

Wherever this plane is I predict one thing for sure ...and that is... many young people may decide to study more on aviation and how to fly a plane or work in that industry. People have become fascinated by it morbidly or while praying they are alive or....for whatever reason would most float your boat.

As I said earlier... what you think about this plane crash says a lot about who you are...

I'll tell you what I know 100% for sure and that is the man who gave this interviewed lied. He hosted the two missing passengers with the stolen passports who had rock climbing gear in their backpack with a laptop the night before their flight on the missing plane.  I do not believe for a moment that he never, ever asked them "so why were you here in Malaysia?"  Really? Yes, I raised a houseful of teenagers and I can smell a lie really far away and this is one of them. He may have bought whatever story they told him... but he didn't answer a phone from an old friend... go pick them up.... put them up...drop them off at the airport and never once say "so whatcha doing here my friend?"

You tell me if that makes any sense?

Tomorrow we will "discuss" Spring and pray really hard it shows it's face fast!

Besos Bobbi
Ps..Since I know you wonder on these things, but were afraid to ask. It's called a "cockpit" because:

See below and remember... you heard it here first...

cockpit (n.) Look up cockpit at
1580s, "a pit for fighting cocks," from cock (n.1) + pit (n.1). Used in nautical sense (1706) for midshipmen's compartment below decks; transferred to airplanes (1914) and to cars (1930s).

Monday, March 17, 2014

Purim, Putin, Planes ... Quakes in California & Children...

It's cold and gray in Raleigh today. Very little GREEN showing anywhere today out there... a few vines, pines and magnolia trees... otherwise GRAY and cold. My husband who is from upstate NY and who is rarely, really cold said it was "raw" this morning when he went out to get the paper. I'm inside keeping warm, watching CNN and nibbling on snacks from yesterday's holiday of Purim. It's a holiday of dress up in costumes and give out what looks like Halloween baskets...vs going trick or treat we drive around passing out treats to our friends. Like Easter Baskets gone Halloween dress up. It's a fun holiday... you drink, you dance, you party hardy.

One cute costume last night at the dinner at the temple was this lady...

Raleigh..........still gray in Mid-March...even at a Mexican Fiesta...


In Miami my kids dressed up for a party in the Grove... more color...

And this blog today is sort of dedicated to them and the ongoing news of the day...of the week...
Missing Malaysian Plane going on over 10 days ...still missing...

I don't want to talk about weather...however...note ANOTHER storm may be coming in a week to ten days... you heard it here first. I'll update if the models continue to warn of another winter storm in late March. Oh...but El Nino may be coming..note the word "MAY" and that may change things in the long term.

Also... there was a strong earthquake in Westwood, California... crazy for me to even wrap my head around that one as ... I've lived in LA and it's Westwood..not out in the high desert somewhere. It's been updated to 4.4 which is just a shelf shaker in LA usually and said to have been Encino. A little unclear here but.. time will give more details. Worth noting tho.. because all weather people are really closet geology geeks.

Busy news day.

Crimea voted to be part of Russia... big surprise there....NOT. Boy, you win some .. you lose some. So Putin temporarily lost Kiev and got back his beach... big win for Putin!

And with regard to the plane have you noted there are no hard facts anywhere. Every new "BREAKING NEWS" starts with the word "MAY" and usually is quoted from an "unnamed source"

I'm a big believer that we will know what happened in the end.. but we are not at the end yet.

Note this did happen with a 727 before which people forget and at that time a 727 was looked at the way we look at a 777.  So..not really unprecedented except for this particular scenario....whatever the scenario is exactly as we may or may not know what happened.

This plane is the 727 that vanished...poof...gone.  Never found.

So you see when they say it never happened before... did...just different Boeing...different set up

I'm going to go here with my kids, because they truly are the best Reality TV show you could imagine. Doubt any are reading the blog today as they are recuperating from the partying... and well who reads Momma's blog? Will change the names to protect the not so innocent. Enjoy... and it's not in the private family Facebook so figure it's sort of fair game ;)  But it does show how everyone everywhere is discussing this missing plane story as it's tragic... a lot of people may have died a horrible death including 2 infants. It's scary as we all fly and it could happen to any of us and that is how we all think.. deep down. It could be in the hands of terrorists....ewwwww. It's a mystery that right now has no ending and no real clues. 

Enjoy.. Happy St. Paddys Day and Shushan Purim (basically the Morning After...) 
Picture from last night... so this blog is officially Green for today

YOUNGEST SON shared a link.
March 13
“A total flight time of five hours after departing Kuala Lumpur means the Boeing 777 could have continued for an additional distance of about 2,200 nautical miles, reaching points as far as the Indian Ocean, the border of Pakistan or even t...See More

Malaysia: No Debris Where China Satellite Pointed, New Report Suggests MH370 May Have Flown on...
U.S. investigators suspect Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continued flying for about four additional hours after it lost contact with air...
Like ·  · Share

MY YOUNGEST BROTHER: Yep that's what I told you when we were talking the other day about it during dinner.. what I think happened was like 911...they were gonna fly it somewhere specific to crash it into....
March 13 at 8:01am · Edited · Like

YOUNGEST SON From 777 Wiki page: "The 777-200LR is the world's longest-range airliner and can fly more than halfway around the globe; it holds the record for the longest distance flown non-stop by a commercial aircraft."
March 13 at 8:16am · Like

YOUNGEST SON Flight 370 Was a 777-200ER.... The ER stands for extended range..
March 13 at 8:18am · Like

ME: Has extra fuel usually than normal flight time. Sometimes planes go missing...usually not missing just not where they were supposed to be and there is always a reason.
March 13 at 8:29am · Like

OLDEST SON So assuming it was hijacked and diverted. Where is it now? Crashed? Or landed on a deserted island. Is this lost tv show??
March 13 at 9:17am · Like · 2

OLDEST DAUGHTER: to S.. on the tv show they were dead... my question still says the same isn't the black box radar locator? Or ppls cell phones have radar gps even if not on.... so .. explain
March 13 at 9:23am · Like

OLDEST SON: They weren't dead. Watch the finale again.
March 13 at 9:43am · Like · 1

YOUNGEST SON: Wait "S:... They were dead
March 13 at 9:44am · Like · 1

OLDEST DAUGHTER: They were in the btwn world ... point is I vote for the aliens
March 13 at 9:56am · Like

OLDEST SON: omg. seriously? I have to explain it to you? Yes, in the finale they were dead. But they lived their lives, they were alive when they crash landed on the island. They just weren't letting go of their connection to the island and sort of floating around at the end of their lives and needed to let go so they can pass on.
March 13 at 9:56am · Like

YOUNGEST SON But they all really died on impact...
March 13 at 10:11am · Like · 1

YOUNGEST SON:  I have to rewatch that series
March 13 at 10:11am · Like · 1

OLDEST DAUGHTER: I think I need to watch it too... ugh maybe we all have different perspectives... anyway back to the plane..
March 13 at 10:13am · Like

MY YOUNGEST BROTHER:  No you got to stop and ponder and think that it landed somewhere and they are being held hostage somewhere and there would be an announcement sort of ransom demand from some terrorist group if in fact there was no explosion and now usa saying it traveled for at least 4 hours after falling off the radar???
March 13 at 10:29am · Like

ME: to (youngest son) thanks. Note...very possible the plane crashed .. either accident or on purpose... if not.

Hurricane Harbor: Missing 300 Million Dollar Boeing 777 .. Malaysian Vice .... Follow the Money...
March 13 at 1:23pm · Like · Remove Preview

ME to YOUNGER the blog. Its the capital of human trafficking...people smuggling irs not Miami. Love u...
March 13 at 7:17pm · Like

YOUNGEST BROTHER: Latest conspiracy theory is there were 20 members on the plane from a company called Rolls Royce in Texas they're working with the military on cloacking military aircraft and their all mayasian/chinese and their thinking that there might be some type of connection there to the disappearance of the plane..
March 13 at 7:45pm · Like

ME: (to youngest brother) freescale not RR...

RF Military Systems Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor is the global leader in embedded processing solutions, s...See More
March 14 at 1:36pm · Like · Remove Preview

#2 OLDEST DAUGHTER (and serious sleuth like youngest son...) Since ya'll aren't watching. 
Malaysian officials have made a statement saying the systems were deliberately shut down. The plane took sharp dives and after that continued to fly at a low altitude... for about 7 hours which is coincidentally, the amount of fuel the plane would have had. They are saying it flew about that long off course, possibly in the direction of Kazakhstan (or Thailand where the passports were originally stolen... My Speculation)

And yet for some crazy ass reason unbeknownst to me, the two Saudi boys named Mohammed with stolen passports, minimal luggage and rock climbing harnesses and gear were cleared as not a threat... Let that sink in for a while. 

Personal opinion: when the altitude dropped, they stole a plane, are probably, savagely killing passengers and have plans for the plane that's probably in a hanger on some remote island. Because terrorists think a plane is the ultimate weapon.
March 15 at 12:59pm · Like

DAUGHTER #2 to MY YOUNGER BROTHER: add those engineers (hopefully terrorists were smart enough to make sure they were engineers...) Kept them alive and have plans for them . Can't blame the US gov for everything.
March 15 at 1:03pm · Like

Daughter #2;  FYI: did u know 2 of the 911 hijackers were from Malaysia, and to get to the computers to deliberately shut down the communications devices you would have to manage to climb into and under the plane..... Hum...
March 15 at 7:22pm · Like · 1

ME: so far mommy and D#2 are right.." plane could have landed and refueled but either way most likely did not crash (cnn showed points in thailand that a 777 could have landed..) and plane was hijacked diverted whatever u want to call it and think freescale has been awfully quiet... and yeah now looking to see if any might have been from the nw part of china which is arabic not chinese and has been trying to hook up with al kaida
March 15 at 11:33pm · Like · 1

YOUNGEST SON: Firstly I'd like to say its really sad been I've been saying since day one. They will not find this plane. Whatever happened has already happened. Planes been sold.. Hidden... Dismantled.. Whatever. Don't want to even imagine where the passengers are. Easily the biggest heist in 100 years. And if the plane did somehow crash. Friendly reminder that the titanic sunk in 1912 and was not found until 1985
10 hours ago · Like · 1

ME: oh lord u sound like my friend.
9 hours ago · Like

ME nite. and everything floats to the surface sooner rather than later and hopefully wont get worse. love u Z
9 hours ago · Like · 2

ME:  wear green tomorrow...oh gee hmmm "M" got the green costume. nite
9 hours ago · Like

DAUGHTER #2: In part to the air France tragedy, our ability to find parts at the bottom of the ocean has improved a bit since 1912/85.... But I think your absolutely right that what's done is done. It's scary as hell.
9 hours ago · Like

DAUGHTER #2 Can google just snap new pics....? 
What does that entail?
9 hours ago · Like

YOUNGEST SON:  Mommy.... Not everything floats. Titanic is still at the bottom of the ocean
9 hours ago · Like

DAUGHTER #2: Plane parts float, luggage floats.
9 hours ago · Unlike · 1

ME:  new "may" have happened
a) pilot's wife and children moved out the day before
b) he was at a court hearing for controversial anti gov leader hours b4 flight
c) others on plane knew how to fly a plane.. 
d) may have flown at 5,000 ft
e) may have flown at 40,000 ft
f) kazakstan says they saw nothing
g) israel doen't trust them.. setting up what if it bcomes a cruise missle
h) kerry lost crimea
i) big wig ex aviation execs said it may have landed somewhere
j) china doesn't like malaysia
k) it may be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean 20,000 ft below
l) Malaysia don't like pilot who doesn't like rulers of Malaysia
m) co-pilot was looking for girls on board while pilot stole the plane
n) it may have flown over the himalayas
o) al kaida really wishes it had thought of this
p) movies are being written pending ending
q) weezers get no respect
r) don't believe it had xtra fuel they didn't request any (??? wtf huh?)
s) the word "hijack" is as politically incorrect as "stupid"
t) diverted is new world for hijacked
u) Malaysian air too cheap to pay 4 receiver 4 sat signal think virginmobile
v) putin very impressed someone pulled this off... taking notes
w) happened b4 727 ppl have short memories Angolan plane
x) maybe it did have a cloaking device from freescale.. hmnnn
z) pilot liked wearing political tee shirts
BONUS ... song... (stupid friend insists its under the sea...

The point of me using my discussion with my kids is.....

You are ALL doing the same thing...

I know you are and no I am not a spy...or Miss Cleo.

Almost everyone..everywhere is watching CNN again..
for real investigative journalism
..praying for good news
expecting the worst news...

My advice... go on with life.

Live, love and try to be happy.. 

Kiss your kids, hug them... steal from them if you have a blog... enjoy what you've got while you've got it. Do acts of goodness and kindness. Give charity. Watch the news. Stay informed on the weather and the news... enjoy sports. 

And.... a special thanks to my middle son who thinks he is the oldest who went to my father-in-law's retirement home and took a basket of Purim food to an old man... jolly old man who is alone in FL as a favor for his step-father .. my husband. He sat with him.. talked, shmoozed... made him feel good. Make someone feel good today.. while worrying on earthquakes and missing planes and how to pay our bills and worrying on death and taxes... 

If a holiday comes along...enjoy it!! My kids did last night at Chabad of the Grove...note the pregnant nun is my daughter in law due in May ... her husband the priest is not the oldest son and only one child here actually wrote in the post from Facebook... it's a mystery...........   

May you all be blessed and know when to enjoy the holiday..note Green daughter there is set for today ...

L'Chaim (to life) and Cheers!

Besos Bobbi
PS...if that's true about the rock climbing gear. That's a big hmnn "stolen passports, minimal luggage and rock climbing harnesses and gear were cleared as not a threat... Let that sink in for a while."